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Keyword Research Service

Are you looking for low-competitive or no-competitive keywords that are easy to rank for a new website? Are you looking for a content gap for a saturated niche? We could help you to find profitable but easy-to-rank keywords. For a new website, providing content with low difficulty is the best strategy to get out of the sandbox of Google quickly.

Whether you are a service- or content-based website, having a blog section with user-friendly content is a game changer for SEO. With Super low competitive keywords, you can spend a little for content generation. However, the search volume of low KD keywords is low. But for a service-based or location-based business, every traffic is worthy indeed.

Get Profitable & Low/No Competitive Keywords For Your Content-Based Website

We provide hand-picked, ranked keywords based on clients’ niches. Our preferred list for Keyword research is:

  • E-commerce Website
  • Saas Business
  • Affiliate Websites like Amazon and others
  • Informative Blog website
  • Local Businesses like Lawyer, Roofer, Dentist etc.

How Do We Pick Keywords?

Well, we have our customized template for selecting keywords. Like the traditional keyword research technique, we don’t rely on keyword research tools like Ahrefs or SEMRUSH. Yes, we use the tools to get the data along with other premium tools, but we don’t focus only on the keywords that they suggest.

Our simple process is

  • Study the niche
  • Categorize the main section
  • Find Low authoritative but high-traffic relevant website
  • Examine the Forums and user-generated websites
  • Gather all the potential keyword list
  • Filter out the list according to the demand
  • Select the targeted keyword and then manually check them

Have a look at some examples of researched keywords!

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